George Soros. Two words, one man, and an entire opinion can rain down on him from the right wing of America’s political scene. George Soros is a philanthropic, investor, and one of the most prominent progressives to ever walk the planet. Soros lives in New York and he established himself as a world class hedge fund manager which took him from a relatively quiet life before thrusting him into the public spotlight. Many people change who they are once they come across the kind of wealth that George Soros has accrued but that just wasn’t the case. Wealth only gave Soros a greater reach to expand his core principles of social justice, freedom of expression, LGBT rights and transparent governing. Those traits, beloved in so many other first world’s, have turned Soros into the biggest threat to conservative America that the country has seen. For that reason alone, Soros has become enemy #1 to the right wing of America’s political regime.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. He was just 13 years old when Nazi’s invaded his home country in order to begin their brutal, violent, and hate filled occupation of the place. 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be slaughtered due to Hitler’s firebrand of hateful nationalism and genocidal thought. Through it all Soros and his family tried to help as many people escape as possible before they were forced to flee themselves. Soros would be lucky enough to escape with his family and emigrate to London where he would become the progressive scholar that he is today and what George Soros knows.

All of these early life traits helped George Soros to understand that there was power in an Open Society and a future in fundamental treatment and equality given to the people around you. Unfortunately those traits combined with his wealth have made him a clear threat to the conservative regime that is currently led b y former reality star Donald Trump and George Soros lacrosse camp. George Soros spoke out during the 2016 elections in order to try and stymie the rise of Donald Trump and in doing so he echoed his own protests against George W. Bush’s decision to go and march into Iraq. These two events alone could make Soros a public enemy to the conservative movement but it is what he HASN’T done that has made conservative America consider him a threat and more information click here.

If you were to go online to publications like Breitbart, a fringe alt-right ‘news’ website, you would see that they have turned George Soros into the Freddy or Jason of politics. They claim Soros is at the center of every major right wing scandal. The truth is actually far scarier for conservatives: George Soros is wealthy enough to challenge their ‘rich Americans only’ line of thinking and he’s not afraid to do it and follow him

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