George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundation. For the past few years, Soros has put $18 billion into his foundation (Open Society Foundation). It is estimated that Soros’s Open Society Foundation has donated $14 billon for the past 30 years. His association has spread in more than 100 countries around the world.

He is one of the leading philanthropists in the world. He is known for his generous giving to philanthropic organizations in the United States and other many countries world. He also supports many pro-democracy groups in the world. Most of his donations are used to promote social justice, human rights campaigns and pro-democracy.

George Soros was among top funders of the Democratic Party campaigns in 2000 in which he donated $27 million for the campaign. In 1991, Soros established the non-profit university in Budapest to promote open academic inquiry known as Central European University. In 1984, he founded an institution in Hungary that spearheaded the liberalism growing under the Communist regime. His organization supplied copying devices that enable the anti-communists to publish samizdat literature as well.

The anti-communist in Hungary successful displaced the Communist, and he established another foundation that promoted pre-democracy. The organization provided travel grants for students to travel abroad to study. The foundation donated funds to watchdog institutions in Central and Eastern Europe to facilitate good governance. The human rights organizations advocated for the rights to protect vulnerable and marginalized citizens such as the Roma. In the recent years, the famous world philanthropist has been supporting liberal immigration policy in Europe brought by refugee crisis.

George Soros is a role model of pro-democracy, capitalism and progressivism. His acts of humanitarian and philanthropic activities make him admired by various groups that support humanitarian aids in the world. George Soros charitable actions in the world are unstoppable despite facing steep opposition from autocratic governments. The Jewish born American embraced the aggressive political approach to philanthropy which promoted pro-democracy in the 1980s and 1990s up to date. His philanthropic model has been adopted by the emerging corps of billionaire donors such as Tom Steyer, Bill Gates and Koch Brothers.

George Soros will be remembered in history for being the first philanthropist to donate large funds to promote gay marriage, amending acceptable immigration law, reforming the justice system and opposing the death penalty.George Soros is still the chair of the OSF board that checks the national committees and he is still the final decision maker to any funds they donate. Soros foundation does not use top to bottom model function. The giant Philanthropist use decentralized network and sprawling network to execute philanthropic programs on the grounds.

The various local boards operating in different offices of OSF are granted exceptional levels of autonomy. The OSF is unique from other foundation in which grants decisions are made in the center. Soros governing principles insist using the local boards that have the first knowledge on what is the problem in their locality and find the solutions by using his donations. George Soros generous funding has in fact transformed some Communist society into Pro-democracy, facilitated the emergence of individual philanthropy organization, public figures, and political issues.

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