I couldn’t possibly think of a downside to switching from my previous cell phone company to another one because my carrier had done everything to turn me off of their services. My prices got higher, my coverage got lower, and each month I was receiving a completely different bill from my carrier, so I was fed up. I decided to go with the FreedomPop company for several different reasons, but the biggest reason is because they were with Sprint, which is a company that I admire. I found lower prices with FreedomPop compared to joining Sprint directly, so FreedomPop became my favorite new company.

I didn’t hesitate to purchase the unlimited service from FreedomPop because I only pay $20 each month. I was previously paying over $80 every month to my other cell phone company, and the price would always be going up until I ended up paying $100, which is when I decided to switch to FreedomPop. With the $20 that I pay FreedomPop, I get a lot of talk time, which is unlimited. I can also text as many people as I want throughout the month, and I use my data surfing the Internet throughout the day as well as at night.

I never worry about overages anymore or finding a different bill each month because I pay a strict amount of $20, which is amazing to me. I also have to comment on the service that I’m receiving because it’s excellent. After experiencing many dropped phone calls from my previous company, it’s refreshing to be with a company that has reliable call quality. I never get call distortion or have problems hearing others when I make phone calls, and I love that about FreedomPop’s cell phone service.

I’ve also come to learn that FreedomPop is more than just a cell phone service because they have Internet service, hotspots, Wi-Fi service, and they sell cell phones and tablets. I plan on switching to another phone in the near future, and I have to admit that FreedomPop has excellent prices on their cell phones that are hard to beat. I never would’ve thought that I would find a cell phone company that has low prices, good call quality, and great products as well.

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Reference Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/

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  1. John

    I would never switch back to my old company or to any other company for that matter since I’m very happy with FreedomPop and their services. Read more about this at http://www.essayshop.org/blog/college-essay/ and learn more about his old company.

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