Statute 26-F may just seem like another bill on a long list the government had passed but it has allowed for the creation of Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs who could be earning their investors massive amounts of money thanks to the new tax plan. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The statute declares that any company that makes more than 90% of its income from the storage, transportation, processing, or production of natural resources must distribute its revenue among the investors. This makes the company a non-taxable entity under the new tax plan and makes it an extremely lucrative investment opportunity for people across the country.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how much money you have saved. These payout checks, called Freedom Checks are given to any and all investors. With the entry level being as little as merely a $10 investment.

Freedom Checks have recently become a viral topic thanks to Matt Badiali who through a video explained the benefits of these checks, the only caveat being that they need to be in the market by July 1st.

Freedom Checks provide an unparalleled opportunity for investors and owning shares in an MLP is as easy as owning a share in any publicly traded company. The difference between the two is that the eligibility of the company as Tax-Free entities hinges on them sharing the revenue with their investors and for that reason alone they will be sending Freedom Checks, which in some cases have gone up to more than $160,000.


Most companies will make quarterly or monthly payments to disperse of the funds. With 568 MLPs operating currently, there’s a lot of money to be had in the form of Freedom Checks.

It is believed that investors will be seeing returns with a total value of over $34.6 billion in June and as such makes this an enticing opportunity for anyone. It is believed that the rise in MLPs can be directly attributed to the decrease in the amount of oil imported from the Middle East and the American companies involved in the field increasing their output dramatically.

While payouts like these may seem like handouts, it is far from it. Matt Badiali stresses the same in his video and the importance of knowing about MLPs and the statute making it possible – Statute 26-F being the key to finding the opportunities that work best for you.

While the true challenge remains in finding the right opportunities that will give you the needed benefit, people like Matt Badiali are making it possible by sharing their wealth of financial knowledge, helping everyone to take part and make unbelievable gains. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

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