Fabletics is an e-commerce company that sells activewear. It was started in the US in 2013. The company was started by actress Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The three co-CEOs saw a niche in the market for beautiful, high quality, and affordable products and they established Fabletics. The company’s slogan is ”live your passion.” This is what they want their customers to achieve through the brand.

The company has been on an upward trajectory since it started. They had expanded to France, Germany, Canada, and the UK in less than a year. They shipped the millionth item from the store in 2015. They also expanded to Australia and Spain and launched the men’s line in the same year. They have retail stores in sixteen different locations in the US today including Hawaii and Illinois.

The company has been a darling of the media. It has been covered in outlets such as ELLE, People, USA Today, and Women’s Health. Fabletics releases new clothing every month. They have been selling out their products after each release. The new style that the company embraces has made it appealing to the masses. Kate Hudson influences the style. This is because there is a problem that each piece of clothing they put out attempts to solve. The brand engages with its fans through social media. Kate Hudson makes sure she shares her monthly picks with clients each month. The activewear brand has motivated women to share fitness goals that they have set for themselves. It has empowered them to reach them.

Paul Armstrong discusses how the company has grown to become a competitor to Amazon in three years in an article on Forbes. Amazon currently controls a fifth of fashion e-commerce which is too much for one company. Companies like Fabletics have emerged in recent years to grab a share of this percentage. Fabletics has done over $200 million in business since its inception. It is still looking healthy going forward.

Fabletics is part of a crop of companies that focus on the customers first then the business later.

Fabletics has a subscription model that its customers are a part of once they join the stores from day one. This enables them to have a better relationship with each client because they know what the customer wants. It allows them to offer clothes in fashion and has also allowed them to sell at prices that are much lower than their competitors.

The company has been commended for the way it has approached physical stores and how they integrate into their business by using the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. They have been able to use this method since the company maintains its stores and makes it have a personal relationship with the customers. Fabletics company has a subscription model. People who enter the stores are already members or they have a huge chance of becoming members. Fabletics also organizes various events for its customers and interact with them physically through the stores. It is a great experience.

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