When it comes to food processing, OSI industries has been taking the lead internationally through the hardworking of Sheldon Lavin, who has made its business to boom since he joined hands with the firm in the early 1970s. His primary purpose from the beginning was expanding of the industry economically to have financially stable projects. The food plant has been the trending topic of the day through its huge distribution of pies, poultry, and sauces for food service. Its influence has been the biggest in the market, and booming daily all over Europe.

OSI Industries has developed rapidly over the years whereby its progress trend has been visible since its early phases. The industry began as a butcher shop in the early 1909 and began partnership with different entrepreneurs such as the famous Ray Kroc who joined together to own a restaurant in Chicago by the name McDonalds which is located in Illinois. OSI Industries is now at the top when it comes to food providers, and has spread greatly to other countries.

Europe and China are the biggest expansion of OSI Industries because of the development in the two countries, and the level of innovation among people. This expansion started growing widely back in 2010 in Japan where the industry opened a new beep production in the country that spread to Asia, and later in India in 2012. It’s at that point that the new facilities were built due to high demand of supply. The first facility was located in Bangalore and the other one in Punjab of India.

Later, in 2016, there was another expansion, whereby the firm pursued an acquisition as a stakeholder in Baho Food that dealt with meat as the main product and including other foods. In 2018, the company marked another step of growth with the expansion of the Baho Food center and opening of similar centers in Europe. The main source of OSI industries success is good management, employing of modern technology and giving clients the priority when it comes to planning and servicing. Today, OSI is one of the biggest suppliers of foods in the world, and has the plans to extend its services to different continents.

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