We as a people are living in some of the most modern times. This is the 21st century and technology is widely used across just about every business sector. Just about every electronic device of today has some form of advanced technology in it. This includes computers, printers, software, smartphones and apps. Eric Pulier, technologist and futurist, has played a major role in the advancement of society. Unlike other successful individuals who are only driven by profit, Pulier is driven to help mankind via advanced technology. This guy has envisioned a world to where technological advancements can compliment society. Judging by what he’s accomplished, his vision has certainly come true to a certain degree.

Eric Pulier is known by many different titles, which includes being an entrepreneur, a mentor, a technologist, an investor and a businessman. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do, especially when it comes to technology. He has attended Harvard University as well as the prestigious MIT. Pulier uses his brilliant ideas to come up with solutions for a number of fields. Government, healthcare and education are just a few on the list. He programmed his first computer before ever going to high school. As of today, this guy has founded up to 15 different companies, which includes:

• Desktone
• Akana Software
• US Interactive
• Digital Evolution
• Service Mesh Inc.
• And more

Eric Pulier has implemented a lot of reading into his daily lifestyle. He also does a lot of brainstorming on a consistent basis. His positive influence has been touched by millions of people in some form of way or another. The world is definitely a better place thanks to what he has achieved. Being such a natural philanthropist, Pulier has donated millions of dollars to charitable organization, and he has funded millions of dollars into tech startup companies. Capital venture deals are another way that he has made and have maintained his current wealth. Though he may not be a household name, Eric Pulier has certainly done his part in bridging the gap between society and technology.

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