Tempus Labs is a Chicago-based technology company founded in founded in the year 2015 by the city’s top entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky. The organization has built the world’s most extensive clinical and molecular data library with efficient operating system purposely to make that data useful and accessible to all the physicians treating cancer patients. With the increasing innovations in Tempus labs, it recently received Unicorn funding status and consequently voted as the one of the Chicago’s top ten performing health tech center.

Tempus main business model is to base with the cancer priorities of the National Cancer Institutes. As the company fights against chronic cancer, investors have boosted financial constraint of Tempus through continuous funding rounds. On March 2018, Eric Lefkofsky said through the Chicago’s Business Insider that its firm received $80 million courtesy of the new investors; Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Company, New Enterprise Association and the existing investors.

Tempus labs offer user-friendly and analytical machine learning platform which leverages big data from proteomics, biological models, and single-cell genomics. Tempus health tech has collaborated with other physicians and healthcare centers to deliver more personalized cancer treatment for their patients. Medical doctors make use of clinical data to access the variety of sequencing capabilities with tumor and transcriptome match. Therefore, Physicians make real-time data decision through the analysis of therapeutic and molecular data as well as DNA/RNA genomic sequencing services.

The company set its strategic goals to ensure each of its patient benefits from the treatment of those who came before. Tempus has partnered with more than 50% of all academic research institutions and top cancer centers in the nation. With the need of providing adequate and professional techniques to deal with cancer treatment, Unicorn employs a team of data-science and technology experts who are familiar with cancer research.

Lefkofsky leads the company in ushering a more personalized cancer medicine approach through the collection of patient’s medical history data combined with any available clinical data. Physicians can quickly make informed decisions, effective therapy outcomes, and reduced mortality rates by accessing this therapy information.

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