If you have been following the tech industry in recent years, then you’ve likely heard of the work that Eric Lefkofsky is doing with his newest company, Tempus. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus back in 2015 with the goal of bringing creative solutions to the realm of cancer care by focusing on the role of Big Data in the process. Lefkofsky believes that by assembling and streamlining all available information, from patients that have completed their cancer care and those still undergoing it, there will be real quantifiable solutions brought to the medical field in the near future. It seems that other believe in the potential that Tempus is showing, as well.

Tempus recently elevated itself to a position that so few tech startups ever reach in the Chicago industry, that being ‘Unicorn Status’. Tempus was recently valued at just North of $1.1 billion. This valuation makes Tempus a Unicorn-status startup and one of the hottest companies in the entire city. In fact, Tempus recently completed another round of investing, adding an additional $80 million to their total. The newest investors in the fold include New Enterprise Associates, Kinship Trust Co, Revolution Growth and finally T. Rowe Price Associates. The cumulative $80 million that this group brought to the company helped to push Tempus to a total of $210 million in total investments over the past three years.

Despite their success in the investment aspect, Tempus is still solely focused on making a difference in the realm of healthcare for patients undergoing cancer related treatment. Lefkofsky’s work with Tempus will seek to fundamentally change the approach that medical professionals and patients alike are taking when dealing with something as serious as cancer. By collecting molecular data and compiling accessory information, such as handwritten doctor’s notes, Lefkofsky believes that it will be possible for Tempus to reveal patterns in treatment. Being able to recognize what works for one patient, and why, could be the kind of breakthrough that researchers in the medical field have been looking for, for a long time. Lefkofsky believes that his success with Tempus is a signifier of a fundamental shift in the role of data in the field of medicine and he might just be right.

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