With the advent of Electronic Health Records and biotechnology, there has been a clear paradigm shift happening in healthcare in recent years, and one company helping pave the way is Tempus, a cancer data collection and analytics platform co-founded by tech industry veteran Eric Lefkofsky.

According to Forbes, Tempus uses its cutting-edge technology to compile large quantities of molecular data (genomic information cancer cells) and clinical data (such as patient outcomes) from breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients. Currently, clinical data is mostly contained in physicians’ notes and not readily available; with a data library like Tempus, this important information can flow freely between oncologists, researchers, and biotech and insurance companies to customize and personalize a patient’s treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky has been working in the tech industry for 20 years after graduating from the University of Michigan. Along with his entrepreneurship, Lefkofsky also teaches business classes in Chicago and recently released a book about technology’s role in business. His charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, grants funding to nonprofit organizations focusing on children, science, and education. He is also a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and a member of The Giving Pledge.

Having spent most of his career “helping structure, and cleanse, and make sense of data in industries where there’s not a lot of technology” (Med City News), Lefkofsky turned to revamping cancer treatment after a loved one was diagnosed and he saw up close the disorganization and lack of infrastructure in clinical data collection. Previous to starting Tempus, Lefkofsky donated millions to cancer research; now, his background in digitizing and unifying information is lending him a unique insight for building the largest cancer data library in the world.

With top cancer centers adopting their technology and partnerships with community hospitals and local providers as well as academic and research institutions, Tempus is set to be a major player in cancer treatment and research. Future advances in technology and treatment will require this type of data to continue, and Lefkofsky is bringing resources and technical talent to bear to ensure that happens.


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