If you’re tired of the same old tube of lip balm and just want to live a little, then you’ll appreciate EOS-an entirely new way to take care of your lips. Seven years ago, these pastel-colored orbs began to storm the market, shattering the image of the plain and boring lip care therapy in a generic tube. EOS, which is short for Evolution of Smooth, has made it to the shelves of Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and Target and is available in many enticing flavors.

EOS has not gone unnoticed-beauty bloggers and even celebrities are living the fun and using the orbs and EOS has even been featured in numerous fashion and beauty magazines. EOS is now a $250 million dollar company and is projected to hit an increase of $2 billion by 2020, thanks to the high demand for natural and organic products like EOS. EOS is only second to Burt’s Bees when it comes to selling best-selling lip balms.

It hasn’t always come up roses for EOS but with perseverance, EOS lip balm is now a household name. Sanjiv Mehra and Johnathan Teller first pitched their product to a buyer at Walgreens and she immediately loved it. That was their foot in the door. The rest is history.

Mehra and Tellar discovered that lip care items are mostly used by the female consumer and decided to focus their market to Millennial women between the ages of 25 to 35. That proved to be a smart move, and EOS now has a huge social following on Instagram and Facebook. Just a photo of EOS lip balm‘s latest flavor can reel in over 40,000 likes.

In just seven years, EOS has emerged successful and Mehra and Teller owe it all to their entrepreneurial skills and industry backgrounds. They are working on new products and new flavors. Visit the company’s website: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

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  1. Henley Seth

    I believe the name EOS, a short form for Evolution of Smooth is no strange name in the cosmetic industry especially, in the production of lip balms. Knowing how to meditate properly this brand has in seven years conquered the world of lip balms. Like most people out there, what has made this brand excel the most is the natural and organic products Smooth id made of.


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