Seven years ago, the Supreme Court decided to rule against Citizen United in a case that was presented by F.E.C. This simple decision managed to transform the political landscape in the United States. The Supreme Court also went ahead to introduce a legal basis that stated that humans are corporations. After the ruling, many billionaires were probed into spending huge monies in the country’s election and political campaigns. This resulted in unbiased results because there was no transparency or accountability. Some of the wealthiest individuals in the country such as the Koch brother have tried so hard to get into politics. Other high profile people have also been trying to delve into politics illegally.

End Citizen United was established in two years ago. The political action committee was founded for political action, and the grassroots donors support it. The institution is only committed to bringing an end to the effects of Citizen United on the people living in the US. End Citizen United has managed to accomplish its objectives through reforming the campaign finance systems, and they have done very well. The organization has worked hard to show the elected officials, candidates and voters that the billionaires should have no influence in the country’s elections. The primary aim of the company is to form a powerful coalition that will only be focused on bringing reforms in the finance systems. End Citizen United has also been putting pressure on policy makes to act on the billionaires and any other political offenders.

Just recently, End Citizen United management announced that it had collected over four million dollars. The group also announced that it is planning to raise thirty-five million dollars by the year 2018 when the Congress elections will be held. According to a report posted in the USA Today, the group is working hard to make sure that they raise the total amount as soon as possible. This value is higher compared to what the PAC raised last year during the presidential elections. It is estimated that one hundred thousand people made their contributions to the organization. Although it is still early in the year, more than forty thousand individuals have already made their contributions for the first time.

Tiffany Muller, the executive, and president of End Citizen United has said that the primary objective is to elect individuals who will facilitate changes in the Congress. Muller also stated that the average contributions in the PAC are around twelve dollars. Tiffany also said that many people were active in the group because they felt that they had been rigged out of the election system, and it was important to make changes. The PAC is dominated by Democrats who believe that the billionaires had their way in the concluded presidential elections.

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  1. Gloria Vicente

    Seeing some of these political groups swing into action most at times gives me great joy that it causes a wave in settled waters. Maybe essay paper writing would be of help but the most important thing for e is seeing justice being delivered. What the system needs is quality change that would better the lots of the common citizens and we should spur these groups to agitate more for us.


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