Did you know consuming coffee, such as ones sold by Organo Gold, may lead to a longer life. This is because coffee consumption may be linked to a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease and other types of diseases.

The potential health benefits of coffee have been studied in the past, but this is the first time coffee lovers have seen claims about living a longer life as a result of drinking coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

One study examined over 150,000 Americans. The result was that coffee was linked to a lower risk of death due to diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer in Japanese Americans, African Americans, whites and Latinos.

Participants who stated they drank 2-3 cups of coffee daily had an 18% decrease chance of death than those who didn’t drink coffee. This was over the course of a 16 year period.

Participants reported their coffee drinking consumption habits, and every five years they updated them. The lead author of the study said that they can’t say for sure that consuming coffee will prolong people’s lives, but an association can be seen. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

More About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a network marketing company. They specialize in selling premium teas and coffees that contain a powerful ingredient called Ganoderma. Their products are sold via independent distributors. This means if you want to buy tea and coffee or other products from the company, then you have to buy them from an independent distributor.

The company was launched in British Columbia, Canada back in 2008. Richmond BC is where the company’s headquarters is located and they currently have over 300,000 independent distributors spread out across over 45 countries in six continents.

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