Kenneth Goodgame is a renowned operations management leader who specializes in creative marketing and retailing. Over the years he has developed the reputation of producing results regardless of the prevailing market conditions. A highly skilled business strategist, Goodgame has managed several billion dollar enterprises over the years.

His ability to read and predict market trends and make smart decisions has helped companies navigate market shifts and stay consistently profitable even during tough economic periods. He focuses on the development of strong leadership, intelligent negotiation processes and delivery of quality products to guide businesses to profitability.

Goodgame’s marketing approach is centered on attracting and maintaining the client’s attention through creative display of products. He calls for the deliberate organization of the products in a store so as to make it easy for clients to easily find the items they are looking for in the shop. One of the most efficient ways to promote products and boost sales in a store is by using end caps.

The end caps direct customers to where the product are in the store. According to Goodgame, end caps that are clearly displayed at the end of aisles are a sure way of increasing sales in the business, especially when an effort is made to display attractive and relevant information. The best place to place the caps is at the end of the aisles so that they are the first things that the customer sees when they enter the store.

As the preferences of customers shift from season to season, Kenneth Goodgame advises that sellers identify which goods are likely to sell most during a particular season and capitalize on them. For instance, warm clothing is usually in high demand during the winter. Therefore, retailers that stock these products and promote them well are likely to make more sales during the cold season. Other products that are likely to sell during this season are heaters.

Goodgame is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He has vast experience in the retail industry, having held leadership positions in several top companies. In 2013, for instance, Kenneth Goodgame served as Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation, one of the largest companies in Chicago, Illinois.

Before moving to True Value, he had worked in Ace Hardware Corporation as General Merchandising Manager. His other leadership experience comes from working in such companies as Techtronic Industries North America and Newell Rubbermaid.

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