While there are various myths as well as research on the causes of aging, one Professor of Oncology, Mikhail Blagosklonny has come out to explain the proximal causes of aging through extensive research. The research details forms of arguments that try to reveal the cause of aging as continued molecular damage. One of the arguments is by Piotr Zimminiak which according to Blagosklonny is meant to assume aging causes disease although not all diseases are due to aging. Blagosklonny also agrees to the argument that it would be hard to spot catastrophes deaths brought about by the death of bacteria with age. How relevant are these arguments in explaining the proximal reasons behind molecular damage? Well, aging is more of a developmental process and hyperfunction theory helps in explaining the importance of molecular damage in life longevity. It’s good to differentiate that molecular damage is what causes aging as opposed to molecular damage. Further, loss of homeostasis is a great deal in contributing to aging.

In other researches about Rapamacyn’s ability to perform various functions, he explains why it’s the best medicine yet to be discovered. Among those reasons is its unique ability to treat cancer. Its properties enhance the immune response against tumor development if it’s taken in the right amount. It also has the capacity to treat facial angiofibroma which is a type of a rash appearing on the nose and cheek. Blagosklonny states that Rapamycin could be a better cure for this rash as compared to Dermabrasion. Further, Rapamycin helps in treating hemolytic-uremic syndrome that is caused by various reasons such as low platelet count hence renal failure. The drug helps significantly reduce chances of a kidney transplant contracting a disease in the process of correcting this problem. Research by Blagosklonny is still ongoing on the ability of Rapamycin to perform other roles such as increasing longevity of life as well as treatment of Muscular Dystrophy and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

Since 2009, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been an Oncology Professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has also been in other institution before his current position such as at Ordway Research Institute where he was a Senior Scientist. He was also an associate professor before joining Ordway Research Institute. Blagosklonny has been at the forefront of advocacy campaigns on the use of Rapamycin for life longevity. Further, he has done extensive research on Bio gerontology as well as target cancer therapies. Under his name are several publications of over 270 papers, a clear indication of his input in anti-aging drugs research. He goes further to write more publication on his research interests especially on drugs. Moreover, he is recognized in over 25,000 citations enabling him to hold an 83 h-index. The Professor of Oncology has risen through various appointments to be where he is today and his determination is expected to yield more positive results on drugs and disesases in future.

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