David McDonald’s success started when he received his degree from Iowa State University in Animal Science. He serves as President and Chief Operating Officer for OSI Group, LLC, is OSI Industry’s Project Manager, North American Meat Institute’s Chairman, a member of the board of directors for OSI Group, and OSI International Foods Pty Limited’s Director in Australia. Marfrid Global Foods S.A. also provided McDonald with the opportunity to be an Independent Director starting in December of 2008.

When he joined OSI Group over 30 years ago he recognized a desire to become global and expand. He has since been able to make those dreams come true for the company. They have expanded to become a leading food provider for many companies around the globe. David McDonald has helped improve the companies sustainability by creating inventive ways to meet customer demand and fulfill needs on time and correctly the first time. McDonald also understands that what customers desire or demand from their food has changed; people are becoming more ecologically minded. Customers are wanting organic produce, farm fresh items, avoided use of pesticides and many other requests. David McDonald OSI Group has been mindful to be aware and conscious of the changes happening around the globe, and also using it to their companies benefit.

McDonald has also shown excitement in acquiring Baho Foods. He has expressed that it expands the portfolio and gives them access to a larger audience of consumers. OSI Group is committed to changing with the trends of customers and making sure their food needs are met. Baho Foods has also expressed gratitude for the chance to combine companies; their current employees will be uniting through a smooth transition that will provide a broader variety of input and innovation.

OSI Group has a history of success in China the last twenty years. Their first food processing plant was opened in Beijing during 1992. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, OSI in China had the fortunate chance to supply over 113 tons of products in the form of various meats, eggs, and dehydrated onion. They have continued to grow and expand their customer base to serve some well known brands including McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, and many more.

Respecting McDonald OSI Group: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

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