Have you ever wanted to be the owner of your own Park? It’s definitely not impossible, and it’s been proved by many entrepreneurs that it is a great business to invest on.

Andrew Rocklage is one such businessman. He is the man responsible for creating the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which became a brand with many parts spread across the United States. He is now a millionaire and a successful entrepreneur who has found his triumph in an area that is not tacked by most business owners.

The story of the entrepreneur is not very different from most of them.

First, Andrew Rocklage was certain that he wanted to be a business developer and administrator, so he went to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and studied in the Isenberg School of Management and Economics. There, he received his graduation in 2009, ready to enter the field.

However, as soon as leaving the University, he changed his career goals to become a lawyer of success. He entered the School of Law and dedicated himself to becoming a strong attorney instead of being a business developer. However, that dream never died.

Andrew also received his graduation from the law school, in 2013, from the Suffolk University Law School, and went straight to a company named EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals where he was the Legal Consultant of the firm. There, he worked until he got his promotion to the Corporate Counsel of the company, six months after he entered the team.

With a great occupation in an important enterprise, Andrew Rocklage accumulated enough wealth to begin the foundation of his first business, satisfying that old dream of being an entrepreneur and being the owner of a brand or one of his creations.

Andrew Rocklage then began developing what would become a chain of parks that have spread across the coast of the U.S: The Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He founded the park in September of 2015 as the owner and operator of the park. His knowledge acquired with the law school also helped him set everything for the creation of his brand, and the inauguration was a success that would perpetuate for a long time. The business skyrocketed, and now Andrew Rocklage is the owner of one of the most influential entertainment parks in the region.

This shows a reality that is very true to many entrepreneurs and their career paths, even the successful ones: Even if they studied business and administration, most of them have an additional education to support the creation of their brand.

If you would like to be the owner of a park someday, it is important to learn from those who have made it. Start with gathering savings, studying the art of developing a business and the most important asset: Grow your idea.

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