Classdojo is a learning application developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The idea behind the development of the app was conceived in Palo Alto while the two friends were on holiday. Chaudhary, a bachelor’s degree holder in mathematical economics, consulted teachers on the most difficult part about teaching. The inability to conduct frequent supervision was the most common problem experienced by teachers.

Three months later, the two pioneers began developing the application intended to simplify supervision for parents. Five years later, the app has been adopted by the teaching community. More importantly, their faith and trust in the app has contributed to its remarkable growth. Classdojo is a communication platform that allows parents to connect with teachers on the basis of their children’s performance.

Working Mechanism of the Application

The app simply requires teachers to upload pictures and videos of students to private classroom groups. On the other hand, parents have access to view and like content being provided by teachers. As such, parents are provided with constant monitoring on the academic progress of their children, irrespective of their location. In addition, parents can also monitor the behavior of their children through the inbuilt feature within app. Disciplined students are awarded points while naughty students are deducted points.

Parents no longer have to wait for scheduled meetings to obtain updates on the performance of their children. This app has enabled regular communication between parents and teachers. However, the app has received mixed reviews with pundits highly criticizing it. According to them, Class Dojo is just a “public shaming tool that has promoted bribery and treated children like pets”. In addition, they also claim it adds more stress to parents while encouraging the use of threats to enforce compliance.

Financial Strength

On a financial aspect, ClassDojo has been instrumental in raising $21 million in a round of tech funding to connect parents and teachers. Communication has been significantly improved as students’ behavior and activities are constantly monitored.  To date, the San Francisco based company has raised over $31 million.

ClassDojo has created a community that promotes open communication and honest feedback between teachers and parents. ClassDojo is in active use by teachers in over 85,000 schools in the United States. Users range from public to charter and private schools. Statistics reveal that 2 in every 3 schools have adopted the app.

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