Bruno Fagali is an up and coming lawyer in Brazil, and a founding partner of the Fagali Law Firm. He is an expert in the following legal fields: Compliance Law, Public Law, Advertising Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Parliamentary Law, and Election Law.

Due to his vast experience in being a lawyer, Attorney Bruno Fagali was able to have a successful law career that saw his employment with several law firms from 2006. Currently, he is the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB, and a practicing partner of his law firm. The Fagali Press is a website that houses the latest legal news and the information about Fagali’s legal company.

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His selection to be Nova/SB’s Corporate Integrity Manager is a vital position that Attorney Fagali is meticulous with, since he knows the importance of his position with the said advertising company. His nearly 10 years of experience in giving high-standard legal resolutions particularly in within the corporate sector makes Attorney Fagali proficient in finding means and ways as the main assessor for the clean-up movement of the government across its departments.

As a leading agency in advertising, Nova/SB has been tapped by the Brazilian government to carry out a series of ads that would curtail the citizens continuing distrust of the governments’ numerous departments due to corruption. And to ensure that the agency is on the right track of doing a good advertising job for the government, it hired Bruno Fagali as its Integrity Manager.

In his capacity as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB, Bruno Fagali put into effect a program for Corporate Integrity in the advertising agency’s Sau Paulo and Brasilia branch offices. He likewise formulated a new program of handling employees as well as members of the company; and initiated a committee for employee ethics. His 3 years contract and position in Nova/SB gives him a specific authority to implement such changes in accordance with the responsibility that comes with his position in the company.

Bruno Fagali finished his law degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sau Paulo, and took his Masters in Progress in State Law at the Sao Paulo University.

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