Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion spent most of his adult life helping and serving people. Before pursuing a career as a police officer in Florida, he received his undergraduate degree in criminology and completed studies at the Police Academy. He learned first-hand while serving as an officer of law the needs of most communities and what it takes to maintain, protect, and serve. Non-profit organizations are huge assets to the local community and supports different causes for children, orphans, and animals. Since Talk Fusion was established, Mr. Reina has contributed millions of dollars to charities and introduced an Associates Program for giving.



The humble beginning of Bob Reina helping the Floridian Community has now expanded to regions worldwide where their Associates are conducting business. He developed the Associates Program with one main objective, to encourage charitable giving and Talk Fusion professionals to replicate. The program allows each associate to donate one free account to his or her favorite non-profit organization of choice. The special account is a complete brand and customizable product package for video chat, video email, and other solutions. Bob Reina’s mission is to create a culture within his organization to promote charitable giving amongst their sales team and personnel.



Talk Fusion, a leading video communications provider was founded by Bob Reina, in 2007, in Brandon, FL. From 2012 until present, Mr. Reina and the Talk Fusion Team has donated more than $1 million to support philanthropy causes for children, and abused & lost animals. He personally contributes his time and money to various non-profits; including House of Life Foundation, Tampa Bay Humane Society, SPCA, and Hillsborough Animal Services. The Associates Program is implemented into the culture of Talk Fusion to broaden charity causes and reach international communities. It’s one of the advantages of becoming an Associate at an award-winning video solutions provider in the communications industry.

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