Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is an individual that is very self-disciplined, and he was able to accomplish much in his career. Reina was able to work different jobs while attending college at the college at the University of South Florida. Reina was eventually able to graduate top of his police Academy class. After working for quite some time as a patrol officer, he continued with his passion for marketing. Bob Reina had a vision to create a marketing and technology company, and that is how he came up with Talk Fusion. Reina is an individual that is truly dedicated to his work, and he also is dedicated to many other causes. Reina gives a lot of his free time to volunteering and he actively supports different organizations that help families and pets.

Bob Reina is an individual that realizes that great success also means that an individual has more responsibility. Reina is an individual that is committed to changing lives. He recently did an interview with about the mission that he has to better the lives of others. Reina is an individual that has been giving back to nonprofit companies for many years, and he has independent associates that work in more than 140 countries with organizations such as orphanages and humane societies. Recently, he launched a program that allowed individuals that used Talk Fusion to make a donation to the charity that they chose. Reina wanted to be able to give to charity and to encourage others to do the same.


Reina has the goal of helping different nonprofit companies across the world and to get their message out to help their cause in a positive way. Reina is an individual that is devoted to finding new ways to help people to be more successful and effective.


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  1. Lee Jeffet

    He works with various philanthropies, as well as a person that has possessed the capacity to help loved ones to discover accomplishment too. It may make sense in which mydissertations could do most of these things and still would not be enough for them for as long as possible.


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