Ara Chackerian is a successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist located in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Mr. Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC and Co-Founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian is an active dedicated member of several early-stage healthcare companies. Ara’s successful career is focused on healthcare technology.

The several founded companies by Ara Chackerian involve services of various types of diagnostic imaging. Ara presently is putting forth exceptional effort to inform patients suffering from depression that there is an available treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Mr. Chackerian was astounded when he discovered a large majority of mental health patients were not aware of the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment. Ara Chackerian Co-Founder of TMS Health Solutions helped formulate a more reasonable insurance policy for TMS therapy treatment due to the limited insurance coverage by most patients medical insurance companies would not cover the full TMS treatment that the patient deserved in order to be effective. Chackerian is truly an innovative dedicated Entrepreneur and inspiring Investor towards healthcare services.

Ara Chackerian Education

Florida State University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Studies: Business and Marketing


Ara Chackerian Present and Past


Co-Founder and General Partner

Company: TMS Health Solutions

Dates: 2015 – Present

Board Member

Company: Mint Medical Education

Dates: 2012 – Present

Board Member

Company: JUMA Ventures

Dates: 2011 – Present

Board Memberr

Company: PipelineRx Healthcare

Dates: 2009 – Present

Board Member

Company: The Hatlen Center for Blind

Dates: 2009 – Present

Managing Partner

Company: ASC Capital Holdings, LLC

Dates: 2007 – Present

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Company: BMC Diagnostics

Dates: 2001 – 2007

ASC Capital Holdings, LLC

Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner f ASC Capital Holding, LLC since 2007. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC conducts business interest in investing in early-stage healthcare companies. For more details visit LinkedIn.

TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is Co-Founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions since 2015. TMS Health Solutions service outpatient mental health care. TMS provides the most advanced treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy which is used according to the need of the patient.

Ara Chackerian Leadership

Ara Chackerian an experienced businessman in the healthcare industry announcing the message of healthcare investment opportunities around the world in various communities offering his experience, education and wealth to communities and individuals to become a part of the healthcare advances of the technology of today and the near future. Ara has more than two decades of experience in building healthcare companies. Ara is a dedicated leader in the support of strengthening the health care services for a more healthy humanity. You can search on Google for more.

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