The Fortress Investment Group is a company that works as an investment management firm. They currently have headquarters that are located in New York City, and the founders who built the company are Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. They had first started the company during 1998, and they had a specific goal in mind when they were creating it. That goal was to start a private equity firm that would grow to be the most trusted around. You might even have heard that they were the first to publicly trade in 2007 (trading done in the US). When 2016 had moved onto calendars the firm was managing around 70.2 billion in alternative assets (and that is a lot!).

Core Competencies

Asset-Based: Clients will certainly find that the team working for this company specializes within the asset based type of investing, and they are also experienced when it comes to the handling of many different asset types.

Company Knowledge of The Industry: After having become the type of company that the Fortress Investment Group turned into, it should be easy to guess as to why they have so much knowledge about the industries that they are investing in.

Operations Management: The clients who have worked alongside this company all know that they have their skill that are quite unique as well as rules that are able to aid in the assessment of structural, operational, and strategic challenges.

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions: When you are a client of this company you will find that the company can handle their own in terms of corporate mergers & acquisitions. Clients will also find that this helps with management, stakeholders, and corporate board of directors.

Leadership Team & Experience with The Fortress Investment Group

The clients who work alongside this company will find that the Fortress Investment Group has made it their goal to go above and beyond the strong corporate governance policies and the practices that go with them. Clients will also see that the Board of Directors has come up with many procedures and policies (and a framework) that are all built to help with achieving more levels of business accountability and integrity.

Peter Briger: Peter Briger works as the current Chief Executive Officer as well as the Principal with this company. As of right now Mr. Briger has been a member with the Board for more than 10 years. Princeton University is just one of the schools that he went to, and that was where he was able to get his B.A., along with him having received an M.B.A out of the Wharton School of Business. On top of all of this, he has more than 15 years working for the Management Committee.

Wesley Edens: Wesley Edens works as a Co-Founder, Principal, and CEO for the Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone: Randal Nardone has been the Co-Founder and Principal of the company for a long time now, and has worked forĀ  Management Committee for over 10 years, and that has given him a lot of time to grow as a Co-Founder and Principal of the company.

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