Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that have allowed his passion to take him to success. Given that he is driven to succeed, he uses his passion in order to learn about the different industries that he is interested in. One thing that could be said for Adam is that he has the creativity that is needed to help him succeed in the industry that he is very passionate about. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg does not have to resign to some job that he does not really like all that well in order to be able to support himself and anyone else that is dependent on him.

Adam has found himself to be passionate about the fashion and beauty industry. In finding his passion, he has learned that he has to find his audience. Fortunately, with the help of Don Ressler, he was able to find his audience and market to them. Among the things Adam has done in order to run a successful campaign was listen to his audience. In doing that, he was able to come up with something that is very satisfying to the audience. He was also able to help come up with a marketing campaign on Brandettes that spoke to his targeted audience.

It took a lot of marketing in order to bring success to Adam Goldenberg and his company. However, he was able to get people interested in what he had to offer. Therefore JustFab has become a successful company. It has gained enough success so that it could expand to offer different categories. It is decided on how the company expands based on what the runners of the company know about the market. For instance, one of the issues that the company looks at is whether there is any gap in the market to fill. Don Ressler and Kate Hudson has seen that there is a huge gap in the athletic clothing category. Therefore, they have taken the time to build a brand that brings forth stylish clothes made of the same materials as athletic clothing. This brand turned out to be such a success among people that it has opened physical locations at

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