A Canadian Dental Surgeon named Dr. Cameron Clokie has performed surgery that would have been considered miraculous in the 20th century.

His curriculum vitae is actually 46 pages long.

To sum up his CV, he has five degrees from Canadian universities that mostly have to do with different aspects of dental surgery except he has a doctorate in philosophy. He has used these degree to become an oral, maxillofacial surgeon(he can do surgery on his/her teeth and face)/scientist/entrepreneur.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie is currently the CEO of Induce Biologics, Inc, a company that focuses on innovative ways to do reconstructions of person’s skeleton and muscles.

For 30 years, he was a professor at the University of Toronto where he became the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (1998) as well as a Professor of Oral and maxillofacial Surgery. He is no longer a professor as he retired from the academic world in 2017. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: http://www.ideacity.ca/speaker/cameron-clokie/

He is on the scientific advisory boards of several companies.

As a professor, he has published many papers and has done many presentations about reconstruction and regenerative medicine nationally and globally.

He currently holds 25 existing or pending patents that have to do with bone healing and reconstruction. He has used these patents to become partners with businesses and to start enterprises that have become quite financially successful.

He has also used his surgical skills to do some remarkable surgeries.

He performed this one of these remarkable surgeries on Peter Russell. Russell was a healthy, active golf player who had one little problem. He was missing 7 cm of his jaw. He had lost this part of his jaw due to the removal of a tumor.

To replace this part of his jaw, Dr. Cameron Clokie used a protein to turn stem cells into bone tissue. He literally grew bone to match the missing part of Rusell’s jaw and did reconstructive surgery to make the jaw whole.

Peter Russel can now look like a fully healthy 60 year-old and can grow a silver-colored beard.

Dr. Clokie believes that we are just at the embryonic state of bone generation and that what they did with Russell may not seem so miraculous in the future.

With his background and skills, Dr. Clokie should be a big part of the future of bone generation and reconstructive surgery.

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