How Bruce Levenson Came To Own The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE), the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks sold the team in June of 2015. According to ESPN, the sale itself went through without too much difficulty, but Levenson and these former owners have found themselves in the middle of a dispute with AIG Insurance. They had a policy with this company that was supposed to cover incidents such as wrongful termination and other situations in the event of employment loss. AIG refused to honor a claim that former General Manager Danny Ferry filed under those circumstances, and Levenson and AHBE want relief in court for damages caused by AIG. The battle could drag on for a while.

Bruce Levenson founded United Communications Group (UCG) prior to purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, and this company became a worldwide leader in business and technology news. Levenson had started his career in journalism after graduating from Washington University and attending law school at American University. He and his friend Ed Peskowitz had been contributors to the Washington Star newspaper, but then became ambitious about starting up their own industry newsletter. In 1977 they founded UCG in their own apartment and began successfully distributing publications. The company soon became a major technological research hub and TechTarget was founded under its roof. Levenson also helped start private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz formed Atlanta Spirit, LLC and acquired the Atlanta Hawks along with Turner Arena, and also owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for several years.

Levenson is a founding member and trustee of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership, a wing of the school aimed at encouraging generosity and helping local communities. He also is a contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a place that hits close to home due to his Jewish heritage, and his mother-in-law is a survivor of the event. Levenson is also an active member of several Jewish non-profit organizations including SEED Foundation, BBYO and Birthright Israel.


Alexandre Gama’s Impressive History of Award-Winning Work

Alexandre Gama has come a long way since he first started out in the advertising business as a young copywriter for a company called Ogilvy & Mather. His creativity led him to quickly move into more lucrative positions, starting with the one he obtained at DM9 as Creative Director. It was during his four year stay at this company that he began to acquire awards in the field of copywriting, which eventually earned him the honor of being Brazil’s most awarded employee in this field. After that time Alexandre Gama went on to hold executive positions at several other agencies in the advertising field until opening his own company in 1999.

As the founder of Neogama, Alexandre Gama continued to receive many accolades and awards for the work his company did in the industry of advertising. Neogama was the first advertising agency to ever win an award at the Cannes Festival. This company was also recognized by a Brazilian newspaper as the advertising agency of the year, for which it received the Cabore award. Classified as one of the top three advertising executives in Brazil, Alexandre Gama continues to impress and excel in the work he does within the field of advertising.


Madison Street Capital: International Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm and was the financial advisor in completing arrangements for a minority equity and subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is based in Vienna, Virginia and is a leading security risk management company. They provide extensive end-to-end security software problem solving. Madison Street Captial’s Reginald McGaugh managed the transaction. “We were truly impressed with the entire process,” stated President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta. Mr. Eazzetta also commented on the hard work and diligence Madison Street Capital used to find ARES the right financing partner. ARES is excited for the future with the new structure of their capital provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Madison Street Capital helped ARES determine that working with Corbel to creatively structure the investment was the best choice toward significantly increasing equity value. Corbel offered a flexible capital solution and the partnership will be operationally supportive while enabling the Company to continue its sales momentum while capitalizing on new revenue opportunities within Corbel’s wealth of contacts in the industry.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm with integrity as a top priority. Madison Street Capital reputation for high standards, being leaders in their field and in delivering corporate financial advising services and merger acquisition expertise is well established in the industry. They also provide helpful opinions on financial matters and valuation services to both publicly owned and privately held businesses.


Madison Street Capital’s services put their clients in a position to succeed in the global marketplace. The client’s goals and objectives become the goals of Madison Street Capital as well. The goals of the client may range from financial advisory and successful capital raises to M&A transactions or transfer of ownership. Madison Street Capital sees the core components of the global growth of clients driven by the emerging markets. They focus significant assets on these markets. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of worldwide clients through continued dedication to the highest levels of professionalism. The company also offers philanthropic support of organizations like United Way as a way to make a difference in the communities of the businesses who employ them.

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Go Nuts With Attack on Titan


If you want to talk about an anime with a highly anticipated ‘next season’, look no further than Attack on Titan’s futuristic anime scenario. Fans just can’t get enough of this anime adaptation of the manga by the same name. And with an expected release date for the second season due in April of 2017, there’s no time like the present to catch up on season one.

This post-apocalyptic dark fantasy follows a few main characters as they try their hardest to save what little remains of their land.

With humanity forced to live in large cities with great walls to keep out the giant, human-eating titans, the outlook seems bleak. This is especially true when, as a child, lead character Eren Yeager sees the walls to his own city fall. His mother is lost in the attack, and he and his adopted sister are forced to retreat into the next city.

Eren yearns for revenge, not just for his mother, but for humanity itself. He and his friends join up as cadets to fight off titans and recapture the previously lost territory.

Without any spoilers, it’s safe to say that humanity is certainly benefited by the talented and motivated crew that Eren has put together.

Though initially skeptical of the plot, after watching only one episode, I was completely hooked. Eren especially sold the series for me, as he has genuine character growth that is all too often lacking in ‘scary’ programs.

With its second season finally approaching, you should definitely watch Attack on Titan. This is one anime that won’t disappoint.  Not a traditional sword anime, but there’s some really cool swordplay at work here.

Capital Group Chairman Warns Of Turbulent Times Due To Post-Trump Market Changes

According to Capital Group’s Timothy Armour, international markets are presently experiencing fast economic growth, high inflation, and escalating interest rates. Tim noted that after the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., the markets exhibited signs of fatigue, equities struggled to remain high, and the bond markets were still stabilizing in the aftermath.

Some assets managers have remained skeptical that Donald Trump’s election will end the sluggish economic growth and subdued interest rates that have reigned since the 2008 financial crisis. Tim Armour warns that it is often difficult to spot market regime changes and added that managers should expect more turbulent times ahead.

Evident Facts of a Downside

Armour, however, warned on the uncertainties that often come with market regime changes correlating it to the incoming and uncertain government policies. He also identified a significant shift in the stock markets. Banks were striving and doing well while real estate and utility sectors were growing weak. S&P’s 500 utility stocks remained subdued since the election whereas real estate and financial companies gained 2.3% and 16% respectively. Gas and oil drillers are stated to have increased by 38%.

Armour concludes by citing that money movement between industrial sectors in an attempt to beat the market has by far been amazing. He added that the flip side of this was that investments that were sensitive to interest rates and doing well in the past few years had begun to take a downward spiral.

Tim Armour

Timothy “Tim” Armour is the present Capital Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is also the CEO and Chair of the group’s subsidiary called Capital Research and Management Company as well as its Companies Management Committee. The equity portfolio manager has three decades of investment and financial experience all under Capital Group. He started his career at the group after being selected to participate in its Associates Program. Later, he was retained as an analyst focusing on equity investments.

The CEO attends the annual strategic opportunities conference of the Texas Bankers association

The association of Texas Bankers has been holding a strategic conference every year for a number of years now. The themes of these conferences vary from one year to the next, but the importance of the event cannot be undermined. Last year, the conference was held in New Orleans Louisiana and many of the stakeholders were in attendance. The agenda of the meeting was to look into the unique challenges that affect community bankers and get useful solutions. The year’s meeting was also attended by the CEO of Nexbank, John Holt.

The main theme of the meeting was to the reinvention of community banking and turning around of the existing perspectives in competition. The aim of the meeting was to look at IT and how it has changed the landscape of community banking. The CEO of Nexbank made a very meaningful contribution to the conference. He stated that he was proud to be part of an organization that had been offering their services for close to a hundred years. He state that the management team was doing all they could manage to make the concept of community banking work better for all the people involved.

He went ahead to outline the various projects that Nexbank was part of. These include the Merger with the Dallas College Savings Bank, the offering of affordable Mortgages to the people of the lower Dallas region among others. He stated that when parents of low income earning regions got homes, their children got a sense of security and this settlement led to better performance at school and improved livelihoods.

The bank offers commercial, institutional and Mortgage lending. They have been very successful when it comes to getting ideal solutions for their customers. The organization believes in the use of innovations that help their clients improve their livelihoods at an affordable cost.


Goettl Comes With Zone Controlled Heating

Goettl, an Arizona-based HVAC firm, is helping the customers to reduce the electricity bill by offering Zone Controlled Heating through its services. It is reported that as many as 50 percent reductions in electricity bills noted after the installation of the service. The innovative and effective heating is based on the concept of heating wherever necessary than heating the entire room or a portion of the home. The new technique is also ensuring that heat flow across the room will be steady and no variance is noted.

The servicing firm is committed to making a difference for better with customized solutions in home heating and temperature maintenance. The Zone Controlled Heating is working in such a way that the home is divided into multiple zones or rooms and each would have a thermostat to adjust the heating into that area or room. This ensures that no area in the home is overly heated or too cold. It is also ensuring that the home is experiencing targeted heating, which means conservation of energy is lower than the entire house being heated up. By using technological innovation, the firm is showing the way of environmental friendly use of energy.

Goettl established its services in 1939 and initially it offered its services in and around Phoenix. Later, it expanded to Las Vegas, Tucson and Southern California areas by offering high-quality air conditioning and heating services to residents and businesses. The firm currently offers a number of services including cooling & heating, aerosol duct sealing, heating and cooling using geothermal energy, and scheduled maintenance. The firm has a focus on being customer-centric, and hence it offers short-term finance without interest for various repair, replacement, and installation services on HVAC, AC, other heating services, etc. Apart from that, the firm also offers exclusive monthly offers and specials on various services it offers.



Tips for Investing in Brazil From Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is the largest nation in South America and in recent years has become one of the most attractive places to invest. Since the nation has an abundance of natural resources, it offers plenty of opportunities for investors to take advantage of what the nation has to offer. Along with having lots of natural resources, Brazil has a large amount of available land that will lead to many opportunities in infrastructure development on It also has a great agricultural sector as it is among the top food producers in the world. Anyone looking to invest in Brazil will likely have plenty of opportunities to maximize their returns and expand their holdings in this up and coming nation.

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent banker in Brazil and has looked to share his knowledge about investing in the nation. He has given a few tips that all investors should follow when looking to get involved in investing activities in Brazil. One of Igor Cornelsen’s tips is regarding foreign exchange currency policies. When looking to complete transactions in Brazil, it will be important to go to banks that are authorized to complete these kinds of transactions. Another thing that investors must keep in mind is that they will need to find out the exchange rates for reach transaction they make. In Brazil, rates often differ and so it is vital that investors are aware of this factor at all times.

The second tip that Igor Cornelsen has provided to investors is that Brazil has a considerable amount of regulation. In many business dealings, investors will need to put up with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy. Since Brazil is a growing economy that is still quite fragile, the nation is looking to protect itself from possible economic setbacks. Therefore it wants to evaluate and monitor all business transactions on a regular basis on Facebook. However, with a little patience, investors will likely be in position to experience the many benefits of investing in Brazil.

As a third tip, investors will want to connect with the natives of the nation. Since Brazilian culture is very social, it will benefit investors to meet new people and get to know them. This will allow them to find numerous opportunities that will make investing in the nation a profitable experience at

Securus Technologies Leads The Way

Securus Technologies is a leading communications provider to inmates at over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public safety agencies all over the United States and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has made great strides in the linking of technologies that make it easier for all involved to link to one another effortlessly.

Offering the latest in communications facilities, Securus connects inmates and their families so that communications are enhanced and made convenient for all. Telephone utilization is available for use from all of the latest technologies including Apple and Android capabilities for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

One of the more popular services that are available is the video communication capability that is made available to families and inmates. Instead of making an in-person visit, it is sometimes more convenient to hook up on a video call and “see” your loved one on a schedule that is amenable to all those concerned. All it takes is a webcam and the service to be installed on your system, and you are good to go.

Secure and easily installed email is available, making instant communication available at everyone’s convenience. Email has become as important as a form of communication as the telephone, and in many cases even more important. Email can say more in a few phrases than a very long phone conversation, as it has become a major fabric of our society.

Securus has certainly transformed how incarcerated individuals can have a reliable link to their loved ones while they are in prison. Good communications go a long way to healing and helping people to see the bigger picture. Modern communications technology is at its highest point with Securus, and its broad reach has molded a sophisticated and powerful tool that has helped inmates, law enforcement officials, and families in a big way.


An Unexpected Opportunity is Helping Many to Earn a Living in the Wine Industry

Wine may be the perfect beverage. It is as appealing sipped on its own as it is paired with food. It is rare to find something that is relaxing and enjoyable as well as healthy. It is an elegant drink option that is just as easy to find in a casual setting. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. This is just some of the reasons why wine may also be the perfect product for people that want to have their own business.

The Traveling Vineyard has created a unique model that allows people to take their love and knowledge of wine and use it in a fun and profitable way. It is a sales opportunity that, unlike many marketing options available, is as appealing to men as it is women. The potential to earn a profit is unlimited and that profit is earned in an amazingly enjoyable way.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides host wine tasting parties. This is done at the home of a client, in their own home or in a public space with an open invitation. The company has sampling kits that make it easy to have a range of what is available to taste. Like any wine tasting party, the host should include a variety of appetizers to pair with the wine. The guests get to sample and purchase wine that appeals to them.

Click here to read more wine tasting party tips and tricks from The Traveling Vineyard.

In addition, The Traveling Vineyard makes it easy to have follow-up and repeated sales by assisting their representatives with their social media accounts and providing them with a website of their own. It is possible for anyone to establish a brisk business after a few months since wine is a consumable that many people purchase on a monthly or weekly basis.

The flexibility The Traveling Vineyard (@travlinvinyard) offers is unique from many other businesses. The representatives have the option of holding only the occasional wine tasting and earn a little extra cash. They can also work part time or full time and eventually replace their current career with one that lets them do what they love. It is, after all, an opportunity to earn a living socializing over a glass of fine wine.