Tips for Investing in Brazil From Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is the largest nation in South America and in recent years has become one of the most attractive places to invest. Since the nation has an abundance of natural resources, it offers plenty of opportunities for investors to take advantage of what the nation has to offer. Along with having lots of natural resources, Brazil has a large amount of available land that will lead to many opportunities in infrastructure development on It also has a great agricultural sector as it is among the top food producers in the world. Anyone looking to invest in Brazil will likely have plenty of opportunities to maximize their returns and expand their holdings in this up and coming nation.

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent banker in Brazil and has looked to share his knowledge about investing in the nation. He has given a few tips that all investors should follow when looking to get involved in investing activities in Brazil. One of Igor Cornelsen’s tips is regarding foreign exchange currency policies. When looking to complete transactions in Brazil, it will be important to go to banks that are authorized to complete these kinds of transactions. Another thing that investors must keep in mind is that they will need to find out the exchange rates for reach transaction they make. In Brazil, rates often differ and so it is vital that investors are aware of this factor at all times.

The second tip that Igor Cornelsen has provided to investors is that Brazil has a considerable amount of regulation. In many business dealings, investors will need to put up with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy. Since Brazil is a growing economy that is still quite fragile, the nation is looking to protect itself from possible economic setbacks. Therefore it wants to evaluate and monitor all business transactions on a regular basis on Facebook. However, with a little patience, investors will likely be in position to experience the many benefits of investing in Brazil.

As a third tip, investors will want to connect with the natives of the nation. Since Brazilian culture is very social, it will benefit investors to meet new people and get to know them. This will allow them to find numerous opportunities that will make investing in the nation a profitable experience at

Securus Technologies Leads The Way

Securus Technologies is a leading communications provider to inmates at over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public safety agencies all over the United States and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus has made great strides in the linking of technologies that make it easier for all involved to link to one another effortlessly.

Offering the latest in communications facilities, Securus connects inmates and their families so that communications are enhanced and made convenient for all. Telephone utilization is available for use from all of the latest technologies including Apple and Android capabilities for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

One of the more popular services that are available is the video communication capability that is made available to families and inmates. Instead of making an in-person visit, it is sometimes more convenient to hook up on a video call and “see” your loved one on a schedule that is amenable to all those concerned. All it takes is a webcam and the service to be installed on your system, and you are good to go.

Secure and easily installed email is available, making instant communication available at everyone’s convenience. Email has become as important as a form of communication as the telephone, and in many cases even more important. Email can say more in a few phrases than a very long phone conversation, as it has become a major fabric of our society.

Securus has certainly transformed how incarcerated individuals can have a reliable link to their loved ones while they are in prison. Good communications go a long way to healing and helping people to see the bigger picture. Modern communications technology is at its highest point with Securus, and its broad reach has molded a sophisticated and powerful tool that has helped inmates, law enforcement officials, and families in a big way.


An Unexpected Opportunity is Helping Many to Earn a Living in the Wine Industry

Wine may be the perfect beverage. It is as appealing sipped on its own as it is paired with food. It is rare to find something that is relaxing and enjoyable as well as healthy. It is an elegant drink option that is just as easy to find in a casual setting. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. This is just some of the reasons why wine may also be the perfect product for people that want to have their own business.

The Traveling Vineyard has created a unique model that allows people to take their love and knowledge of wine and use it in a fun and profitable way. It is a sales opportunity that, unlike many marketing options available, is as appealing to men as it is women. The potential to earn a profit is unlimited and that profit is earned in an amazingly enjoyable way.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides host wine tasting parties. This is done at the home of a client, in their own home or in a public space with an open invitation. The company has sampling kits that make it easy to have a range of what is available to taste. Like any wine tasting party, the host should include a variety of appetizers to pair with the wine. The guests get to sample and purchase wine that appeals to them.

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In addition, The Traveling Vineyard makes it easy to have follow-up and repeated sales by assisting their representatives with their social media accounts and providing them with a website of their own. It is possible for anyone to establish a brisk business after a few months since wine is a consumable that many people purchase on a monthly or weekly basis.

The flexibility The Traveling Vineyard (@travlinvinyard) offers is unique from many other businesses. The representatives have the option of holding only the occasional wine tasting and earn a little extra cash. They can also work part time or full time and eventually replace their current career with one that lets them do what they love. It is, after all, an opportunity to earn a living socializing over a glass of fine wine.


Combined Future of Technology and Fashion

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. While Burch was an undergraduate at Ithaca College, he and his brother started Eagle Eye Apparel with a two thousand dollar investment. They bought sweaters for ten dollars and sold them for fifteen. From that small business venture, Burch grew his company to over one hundred and forty million in sales. He eventually sold the company and brand for sixty million dollars. He eventually helped his then wife launch her own fashion label, Tory Burch, and served at Co-Chairman of the Company they created. He also started Burch Creative Capital to help launch new brands and manage his investments.


Chris Burch has stated that like the technology industry, the fashion industry had seen many changes through the years. Both industries consistently have grown together. Over time, technology becomes fashionable and fashion becomes more technological. Chris believes that the journey that technology and fashion have taken to grow together is fascinating and educational. By looking at the past and present in both industries, we can see what may lie ahead in the future. Fashion designers enjoy designing and seeing what is possible with the use of technology. It helps achieve a higher standard in functionality and innovation.


Through the use of technology, fashion can be used in different ways to protect us. For example, many people do not think that bike protection is fashionable and foolishly chose not to wear any, in the name of fashion. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created an airbag system that a bicyclist would wear around their necks. Upon impact, an airbag would pop out of the neckwear, protecting the bicyclist’s head. When the airbag in not deployed, the cyclist has better visibility of their surroundings, which can be a negative of wearing a helmet.


Some designers are using recycled materials to make new fashions. Like using recycled bicycle inner tubes to make jackets and t-shirts. Some newly created fashions are being created to capture kinetic energy from our everyday movements. This would allow you to power items such as phones, watches, mp3 players, and so on, simply from moving around in your clothing. Fashion and technology working together to innovate and protect both humans and the environment. Technology and fashion can work hand in hand to benefit each other and create further advancements and improvements in both industries.





Bob Reina Reaches Global Charities Through Talk Fusion’s Innovative Associates Program

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion spent most of his adult life helping and serving people. Before pursuing a career as a police officer in Florida, he received his undergraduate degree in criminology and completed studies at the Police Academy. He learned first-hand while serving as an officer of law the needs of most communities and what it takes to maintain, protect, and serve. Non-profit organizations are huge assets to the local community and supports different causes for children, orphans, and animals. Since Talk Fusion was established, Mr. Reina has contributed millions of dollars to charities and introduced an Associates Program for giving.



The humble beginning of Bob Reina helping the Floridian Community has now expanded to regions worldwide where their Associates are conducting business. He developed the Associates Program with one main objective, to encourage charitable giving and Talk Fusion professionals to replicate. The program allows each associate to donate one free account to his or her favorite non-profit organization of choice. The special account is a complete brand and customizable product package for video chat, video email, and other solutions. Bob Reina’s mission is to create a culture within his organization to promote charitable giving amongst their sales team and personnel.



Talk Fusion, a leading video communications provider was founded by Bob Reina, in 2007, in Brandon, FL. From 2012 until present, Mr. Reina and the Talk Fusion Team has donated more than $1 million to support philanthropy causes for children, and abused & lost animals. He personally contributes his time and money to various non-profits; including House of Life Foundation, Tampa Bay Humane Society, SPCA, and Hillsborough Animal Services. The Associates Program is implemented into the culture of Talk Fusion to broaden charity causes and reach international communities. It’s one of the advantages of becoming an Associate at an award-winning video solutions provider in the communications industry.

José Borghi – Shining Star of Brazilian Advertising World

José Borghi is the name to reckon with in the business of publicity and advertising, and his career spanning over 25 years has seen him achieving some remarkable milestones. These achievements include getting prestigious prizes like ‘Most Awarded Copywriter’ by the Archive Magazine (1999), bagging 15 awards in Abril Awards, 13 Lions in Cannes, 11 Awards in New York Festival, 7 Awards in London Festival, 10 Awards in Clio and 10 Awards in One Show.

After completing his bachelor’s in Publicity and Advertising from PUC-Campinas, one of the most prestigious institutions in Brasil, Jose started his career by joining Standard Ogilvy in 1989. Going forward he worked with various marketing and advertising agencies, such as Talent, DM9/DDB and FCB. While working for these Ad agencies, he developed close relationship with other marketing talent, Erh Ray, with whom he worked on numerous benchmark and highly successful local and international projects, including for Parmalats, Mamiferos, Carlinhos, Honda, Volvo, Philips, Electrolux, Journal Da Tarde, Microsoft, and many others.

In 2001, due to his experience and chain of accomplishments in the field of marketing, publicity and advertising, he was given the position of President as well as Creative Director at Leo Burnett. During his tenure at Leo Burnett, he strategically handled various important projects, including that of Bank Boston and Frescarini. His Brazilian advertising campaign for Fiat during the same time helped Fiat become the market leader in Brazil, for the first time ever, and helped the company increase their sales and revenue manifolds.

Soon after, José Borghi along with Erh Ray, founded BorghiErh Creative Intelligence agency, which in 2006 merged with internationally acclaimed advertising agency Lowe, where Jose Borghi assumed the position of company’s CEO. In 2012, he was awarded exclusive chairmanship of Borghi/Lowe, which is now rebranded as Mullen Lowe, due to the recent merge of the company with US Ad Agency Mullen. Currently, José Borghi is the co-CEO of the MullenLowe Brasil Group along with Andre Gomes.

José Borghi’s advertising career is an inspiring example for many young aspirants, who are looking to make a mark in the publicity and advertising world. Many of his advertising campaigns have become case studies, which are being followed to help the new generation advertising professionals develop innovative campaigns and understand the dynamics of ever evolving advertising world.


Gentle Cleansing Action For Better Hair

When it comes to taking good care of your hair there are numerous products on the market for doing just that. Unfortunately every product doesn’t live up to it’s own hype which leaves your hair in the same shape it was prior to using the product on Conditioners are some of the most popular treatments around thanks to their cleansing actions. These conditioners can give you more moisture, added shine, and strength with consistent use. One of the leading brands for achieving these results is WEN by Chaz. WEN products are made from organic ingredients which treats the hair naturally without any side effects. WEN by Chaz is a full line of conditioners, gels, spray, cremes, and pomade. Here is why this exclusive brand stands tall among it’s competitors.

WEN by Chaz has numerous conditioners to choose from. People love the products because they’re easy to use and provides the user with instant results. WEN’s 5-in-1 Conditioner is one of the best conditioners on the market today thanks to it’s revolutionary formula. What makes these products so much better than the competitors is that they are also more gentle to your scalp. Other brands tend to use harsh chemical additives in their formulas which can leave your hair dry, brittle, and dull. The exclusive 5-in-1 Conditioner at is more of a leave in treatment that has the ability to replace shampoo and other conditioners. The process of leaving this formula in nourishes the scalp with it’s beneficial ingredients such as lavender, cucumber, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, glycerin, panthenol, and pomegranate extract.

Now you can expect to have much better healthier hair that detangles easily which makes it more manageable. Reports show that WEN conditioners gave it’s users 97% added shine and 100% more moisture when used. These numbers are a true testament of how successful the brand is unlike the other brands. Founder Chaz Dean has created a revolutionary product line of hair healthy products thanks to his extensive background in cosmetology. His products on are designed to be a reflection of self as Dean tend to use live a very healthy lifestyle. All in all, WEN by Chaz has steadily climbed in the ranks throughout the years and as of today, the brand has sold over 40 Million bottles of these remarkable products. For better cleansing action without the harsh side effects, WEN by Chaz is definitely for you.

Fabletics: Bringing Style and Activewear

Fabletics is an e-commerce company that sells activewear. It was started in the US in 2013. The company was started by actress Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The three co-CEOs saw a niche in the market for beautiful, high quality, and affordable products and they established Fabletics. The company’s slogan is ”live your passion.” This is what they want their customers to achieve through the brand.


The company has been on an upward trajectory since it started. They had expanded to France, Germany, Canada, and the UK in less than a year. They shipped the millionth item from the store in 2015. They also expanded to Australia and Spain and launched the men’s line in the same year. They have retail stores in sixteen different locations in the US today including Hawaii and Illinois.


The company has been a darling of the media. It has been covered in outlets such as ELLE, People, USA Today, and Women’s Health. Fabletics releases new clothing every month. They have been selling out their products after each release. The new style that the company embraces has made it appealing to the masses. Kate Hudson influences the style. This is because there is a problem that each piece of clothing they put out attempts to solve. The brand engages with its fans through social media. Kate Hudson makes sure she shares her monthly picks with clients each month. The activewear brand has motivated women to share fitness goals that they have set for themselves. It has empowered them to reach them.


Paul Armstrong discusses how the company has grown to become a competitor to Amazon in three years in an article on Forbes. Amazon currently controls a fifth of fashion e-commerce which is too much for one company. Companies like Fabletics have emerged in recent years to grab a share of this percentage. Fabletics has done over $200 million in business since its inception. It is still looking healthy going forward.

Fabletics is part of a crop of companies that focus on the customers first then the business later.


Fabletics has a subscription model that its customers are a part of once they join the stores from day one. This enables them to have a better relationship with each client because they know what the customer wants. It allows them to offer clothes in fashion and has also allowed them to sell at prices that are much lower than their competitors.


The company has been commended for the way it has approached physical stores and how they integrate into their business by using the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. They have been able to use this method since the company maintains its stores and makes it have a personal relationship with the customers. Fabletics company has a subscription model. People who enter the stores are already members or they have a huge chance of becoming members. Fabletics also organizes various events for its customers and interact with them physically through the stores. It is a great experience.

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Don Ressler On Managing Their Businesses

Working to build a business is a process that takes as long as the entrepreneur is able to implement unique and powerful ideas. Competition is one of the factors that push a business to stagnate but those who understand the tricks applied to overcome barriers find it easy to emerge leaders. Don Ressler is an example of an entrepreneur whose presence in the world of business has allowed him to learn about many things that affect how a business is managed and run.

Don Ressler founded as his first company and worked on developing the business over several years. One of the unique things that came with the ideas is the fact he began when few people had grips with how the online business arena works. There were challenges penetrating into a market that was still struggling to grow and most of the products he sold would take long on the store. This opportunity also allowed him to learn many things concerning managing a business. After gaining the necessary experience, he proceeded and sold the company in 2001.

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About Alena Media
This step was necessary because he needed capital and was preparing to try something different. After the handover, he joined Adam Goldenberg, with whom he entered into a partnership. The partnership saw the duo launch Alena Media, a company that dealt with marketing and supporting businesses to manage their advertising challenges. Alena Media performed beyond their expectations and they were impressed by what their effort offered. This success motivated them to pursue even bigger ideas that would open their minds to work better.

Don Ressler and Adam sold the company in 2005 and they were able to get the capital they would need to establish their new company. In 2008, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an online-based beauty shop that stocks all types of beauty products. It is a profitable and stable outlet that has been faring well over the years.

About JustFab
JustFab is one of the most important businesses Don Ressler and Goldenberg own. The company sells fashion products and members are able to access deals through the subscription system. JustFab was forced to go for funding to handle the challenges the company was facing after inception.

In 2011, the company was given $33 million by Matrix Ventures to further develop a seamless infrastructure. One year later, JustFab approached several venture capitals for funding and they approved a $76 million loan that would help the company to grow its network to more countries in Europe.

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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Product rewarded

A video chat product created by the company Talk Fusion was recognized for it’s incredibly innovative new additions to how we use video chat that will undoubtedly leave an imprint on the buisness world, and change the market for video communication products in the future.

Talk Fusion was given the Communication Solutions Products of the Year award from The Technology Marketing Corporation. This is an award meant to recognize, honor, and publicize products that have created new, innovative products and upped the standard in the market.

Bob Reina, the CEO and co founder of Talk Fusion says that as far as this product has gotten so far, that it is only the begging. He claims that Talk Fusion already has big plans to expand on their product and turn it into a video communication product that can be used in all methods of communication. This will likely include new innovations in the field of video emailing, and video chatting.

Talk Fusion was created as a way to make video communication an easier process for both businesses and individuals. The company got it’s start in 2007, and since then has been taken that market by surprise with their rapidly growing success.

Although they’ve been growing at an accelerated rate since the beginning, 2016 has arguably been one of their most successful years thus far. They released WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and started up their new website ““. It is amazing to see one company accomplish so much in just one year, and it truly shows how deserving they are of the award.