Fabletics: Bringing Style and Activewear

Fabletics is an e-commerce company that sells activewear. It was started in the US in 2013. The company was started by actress Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The three co-CEOs saw a niche in the market for beautiful, high quality, and affordable products and they established Fabletics. The company’s slogan is ”live your passion.” This is what they want their customers to achieve through the brand.


The company has been on an upward trajectory since it started. They had expanded to France, Germany, Canada, and the UK in less than a year. They shipped the millionth item from the store in 2015. They also expanded to Australia and Spain and launched the men’s line in the same year. They have retail stores in sixteen different locations in the US today including Hawaii and Illinois.


The company has been a darling of the media. It has been covered in outlets such as ELLE, People, USA Today, and Women’s Health. Fabletics releases new clothing every month. They have been selling out their products after each release. The new style that the company embraces has made it appealing to the masses. Kate Hudson influences the style. This is because there is a problem that each piece of clothing they put out attempts to solve. The brand engages with its fans through social media. Kate Hudson makes sure she shares her monthly picks with clients each month. The activewear brand has motivated women to share fitness goals that they have set for themselves. It has empowered them to reach them.


Paul Armstrong discusses how the company has grown to become a competitor to Amazon in three years in an article on Forbes. Amazon currently controls a fifth of fashion e-commerce which is too much for one company. Companies like Fabletics have emerged in recent years to grab a share of this percentage. Fabletics has done over $200 million in business since its inception. It is still looking healthy going forward.

Fabletics is part of a crop of companies that focus on the customers first then the business later.


Fabletics has a subscription model that its customers are a part of once they join the stores from day one. This enables them to have a better relationship with each client because they know what the customer wants. It allows them to offer clothes in fashion and has also allowed them to sell at prices that are much lower than their competitors.


The company has been commended for the way it has approached physical stores and how they integrate into their business by using the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. They have been able to use this method since the company maintains its stores and makes it have a personal relationship with the customers. Fabletics company has a subscription model. People who enter the stores are already members or they have a huge chance of becoming members. Fabletics also organizes various events for its customers and interact with them physically through the stores. It is a great experience.

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Don Ressler On Managing Their Businesses

Working to build a business is a process that takes as long as the entrepreneur is able to implement unique and powerful ideas. Competition is one of the factors that push a business to stagnate but those who understand the tricks applied to overcome barriers find it easy to emerge leaders. Don Ressler is an example of an entrepreneur whose presence in the world of business has allowed him to learn about many things that affect how a business is managed and run.

Don Ressler founded FitnessHeaven.com as his first company and worked on developing the business over several years. One of the unique things that came with the ideas is the fact he began when few people had grips with how the online business arena works. There were challenges penetrating into a market that was still struggling to grow and most of the products he sold would take long on the store. This opportunity also allowed him to learn many things concerning managing a business. After gaining the necessary experience, he proceeded and sold the company in 2001.

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About Alena Media
This step was necessary because he needed capital and was preparing to try something different. After the handover, he joined Adam Goldenberg, with whom he entered into a partnership. The partnership saw the duo launch Alena Media, a company that dealt with marketing and supporting businesses to manage their advertising challenges. Alena Media performed beyond their expectations and they were impressed by what their effort offered. This success motivated them to pursue even bigger ideas that would open their minds to work better.

Don Ressler and Adam sold the company in 2005 and they were able to get the capital they would need to establish their new company. In 2008, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an online-based beauty shop that stocks all types of beauty products. It is a profitable and stable outlet that has been faring well over the years.

About JustFab
JustFab is one of the most important businesses Don Ressler and Goldenberg own. The company sells fashion products and members are able to access deals through the subscription system. JustFab was forced to go for funding to handle the challenges the company was facing after inception.

In 2011, the company was given $33 million by Matrix Ventures to further develop a seamless infrastructure. One year later, JustFab approached several venture capitals for funding and they approved a $76 million loan that would help the company to grow its network to more countries in Europe.

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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Product rewarded

A video chat product created by the company Talk Fusion was recognized for it’s incredibly innovative new additions to how we use video chat that will undoubtedly leave an imprint on the buisness world, and change the market for video communication products in the future.

Talk Fusion was given the Communication Solutions Products of the Year award from The Technology Marketing Corporation. This is an award meant to recognize, honor, and publicize products that have created new, innovative products and upped the standard in the market.

Bob Reina, the CEO and co founder of Talk Fusion says that as far as this product has gotten so far, that it is only the begging. He claims that Talk Fusion already has big plans to expand on their product and turn it into a video communication product that can be used in all methods of communication. This will likely include new innovations in the field of video emailing, and video chatting.

Talk Fusion was created as a way to make video communication an easier process for both businesses and individuals. The company got it’s start in 2007, and since then has been taken that market by surprise with their rapidly growing success.

Although they’ve been growing at an accelerated rate since the beginning, 2016 has arguably been one of their most successful years thus far. They released WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and started up their new website “TalkfusionInstantPay.com“. It is amazing to see one company accomplish so much in just one year, and it truly shows how deserving they are of the award.

Display of Products the Secret to Increased Sales, Says Marketing Expert Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a renowned operations management leader who specializes in creative marketing and retailing. Over the years he has developed the reputation of producing results regardless of the prevailing market conditions. A highly skilled business strategist, Goodgame has managed several billion dollar enterprises over the years.

His ability to read and predict market trends and make smart decisions has helped companies navigate market shifts and stay consistently profitable even during tough economic periods. He focuses on the development of strong leadership, intelligent negotiation processes and delivery of quality products to guide businesses to profitability.

Goodgame’s marketing approach is centered on attracting and maintaining the client’s attention through creative display of products. He calls for the deliberate organization of the products in a store so as to make it easy for clients to easily find the items they are looking for in the shop. One of the most efficient ways to promote products and boost sales in a store is by using end caps.

The end caps direct customers to where the product are in the store. According to Goodgame, end caps that are clearly displayed at the end of aisles are a sure way of increasing sales in the business, especially when an effort is made to display attractive and relevant information. The best place to place the caps is at the end of the aisles so that they are the first things that the customer sees when they enter the store.

As the preferences of customers shift from season to season, Kenneth Goodgame advises that sellers identify which goods are likely to sell most during a particular season and capitalize on them. For instance, warm clothing is usually in high demand during the winter. Therefore, retailers that stock these products and promote them well are likely to make more sales during the cold season. Other products that are likely to sell during this season are heaters.

Goodgame is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He has vast experience in the retail industry, having held leadership positions in several top companies. In 2013, for instance, Kenneth Goodgame served as Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation, one of the largest companies in Chicago, Illinois.

Before moving to True Value, he had worked in Ace Hardware Corporation as General Merchandising Manager. His other leadership experience comes from working in such companies as Techtronic Industries North America and Newell Rubbermaid.

Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: http://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/18421885-ken-goodgame

The Funtionality of LED Lighting is Incomparable

It is evident that LED lighting is by far more cost and energy efficient in the long run than incandescent lighting. This isn’t where the benefits end for LED lights, especially for commercial property owners. LED lights are able to withstand harsh conditions and they are highly durable. Their resistance to shock and vibrations and ability to keep working despite exposure to extreme cold or heat and wind and rain, is incomparable. This makes LED lighting fixtures a wonderful option for construction and manufacturing businesses. LED lighting can also be designed to improve the mood of the people working in a space. This is something that those who work long hours can appreciate, as it not only helps to lift the mood but it also has shown effectiveness in making the mind sharper. LED mood illumination is already being prominently used in classrooms for those exact reasons. This is a different type of energy efficiency that can’t be found in any other lighting fixture. LED lighting can improve the overall energy efficiency of businesses in the following industries: hospitality, retail, logistics, and office spaces. Using applications from enterprise lighting IoT solutions provider, Gooee, can tremendously improve the LED lighting functionality in your business. By integrating the sensing and WIM hardware from Gooee into your business you can have predictive lighting analytics. Using this feature allows you, as a commercial property owner, to know when lights may fail with a predictive end of life analysis. You will also be able to clearly see LED performance metrics, and information regarding real-time energy consumption.
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Securus Receives High Rating from BBB

One of the greatest professional accolades that a business can receive is getting a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is an international agency that provides business ethics ratings on hundreds of thousands of businesses located across the globe. The company provides ratings on an A to F scale, giving the highest A+ rating to only the most ethical and customer-focused companies.

Earlier this year, Securus Technologies received notification that they had received the prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company was only able to receive the high rating after it went through a very rigorous and time-consuming interview and review process. The Better Business Bureau focused on several aspects of the company’s operations, including its ability to handle customer complaints, its ability to deliver what was promised, and its ability to embody overall integrity. One of the largest drivers of the company’s high rating was its customer service dedication, which included the opening of a 200+ seat customer service station that is dedicated to meeting client needs.


The recent accolade is only the most recent success for Securus Technologies. The Dallas, Texas based company has quickly become a leader in providing security and communication services to correctional facilities across the country. The company employs over 1,200 people across the United States and sells and provides services and products to thousands of different facilities. Their most popular product is currently their video visitation service, which has helped to make a correctional facility a safer and more efficient place to visit and work at.

Beauty Blogger Wengie’s Halloween Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Popular YouTube star Wengie has an easy fairy makeup tutorial for Halloween. She emphasizes that the way to achieve the perfect fairy look is to have wavy hair, colorful eye shadow and a pretty flower crown. She also gives a brief description of fairies as she frolics a bit in a garden, dressed in her fairy costume. She says there is more to a fairy than meets the eye; dark fairies can be quite dangerous. Luckily, all of the beauty products Wengie recommends in her video are cruelty-free.


The first step in her fairy makeup routine is applying primer. She recommends Napoleon Perdis to prepare the skin and make it absolutely smooth for foundation application. This is followed by Etude House BB cream, which helps brighten the face. Wengie suggests a Napoleon application brush to smooth out the BB cream, as it blends the foundation evenly. Etude House Powder helps set the foundation and reduces any shine.


The next part of the process is where the fun color comes in. Wengie uses a flamingo pink eye shadow and starts dabbing it under her eye sockets. In her own words, “This is not exactly a subtle makeup look.” She uses a MAC blending brush to bring the pink shadow down a bit more in a circle around her eyes. She then applies it above her eyes, as well. A shimmering white shadow is then blended onto her brow bones, in addition to the inner corners of her eyes. Next, she adds a matte orange color under her lower pink shadow and blends it out to the edges of her face, almost like a mask.


After her colorful eye shadows are blended, Wengie draws on black, winged eyeliner on her top lids. She lines her bottom lids with colorful, jeweled eyeliner to add even more color to her face. The face is then completed with a brow filler from The Face Shop and baby pink lipstick from SPORTSGIRL. After her makeup is finished, Wengie crimps her hair with a Vidal Sasson 3 Roller Curler and tops her hair with a flower crown.

Adam Goldenberg: Example of The Freedom Of Entrepreneur

Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that have allowed his passion to take him to success. Given that he is driven to succeed, he uses his passion in order to learn about the different industries that he is interested in. One thing that could be said for Adam is that he has the creativity that is needed to help him succeed in the industry that he is very passionate about. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg does not have to resign to some job that he does not really like all that well in order to be able to support himself and anyone else that is dependent on him.

Adam has found himself to be passionate about the fashion and beauty industry. In finding his passion, he has learned that he has to find his audience. Fortunately, with the help of Don Ressler, he was able to find his audience and market to them. Among the things Adam has done in order to run a successful campaign was listen to his audience. In doing that, he was able to come up with something that is very satisfying to the audience. He was also able to help come up with a marketing campaign on Brandettes that spoke to his targeted audience.

It took a lot of marketing in order to bring success to Adam Goldenberg and his company. However, he was able to get people interested in what he had to offer. Therefore JustFab has become a successful company. It has gained enough success so that it could expand to offer different categories. It is decided on how the company expands based on what the runners of the company know about the market. For instance, one of the issues that the company looks at is whether there is any gap in the market to fill. Don Ressler and Kate Hudson has seen that there is a huge gap in the athletic clothing category. Therefore, they have taken the time to build a brand that brings forth stylish clothes made of the same materials as athletic clothing. This brand turned out to be such a success among people that it has opened physical locations at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html

New Real Estate Application Released by David Osio and Company

Davos Real Estate Group, headed by David Osio, has released a new mobile real estate app called “Davos CAP Calculator” that promises to be a vital real estate tool. IT has been designed to aid potential buyers with an estimation on the monetary return on investments made on prospective real estate purchases. Read more: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/32284716/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application

David Osio, is founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group based in Venezuela. This company has been in business since 1993 and its goal is to provide financial guidance to a premier customer base. Osio has guided the Davos Financial Group to realize profits and success and allowed him to oversee independent and licensed companies around the world including places in the United States, Geneva and Panama. Osio has a superior work record that began in 1981 where he managed a coffee export program as well as holding the position as president and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He moved on to a supervisory position for a company called LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. This business allowed him to create marketing programs for industrial products located in the United States. He was quickly recognized for his business skills in this company and climbed the corporate ladder, realizing a position at the highest ranks of the company.

In 1984 David Osio turned his attentions to banking law and worked for the Caracas law firm MGO located in Venezuela. His knowledge of the banking industry bolstered his position in the firm and he rose within the ranks, again very quickly, to become Vice President of Banking Commercial. His tenure at this company realized significant growth for the company. He then decided in 1993 to form his own company.

David Osio’s concentration now is on his new mobile application, readily available for both the Apple platform as well as the Android version, and is geared to help users identify properties on a mobile device and build reliable historical real estate reports to communicate with agents at Davos. This communication comes by an interactive live chat. The goal of Davos REG is to set a business objective that will allow the application to financially guide clients and assist in the lucrative business of real estate investments in the United States. Spokesman, Gerard Gonzalez stated that the application has been developed to be an interactive tool that will allow their elite investors to produce a clearer fiscal vision when it comes to purchasing properties.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-osio#/entity

Securus Offers Better Calling And Investigation

Securus has been the best calling company in prisons today, and it is a place where they are developing the technology that will help people make sure that they can talk to friends in prison. Friends and family who are in prison need to be able to get these calls, and that is why the people at Securus have created this platform. I also know that I have to do something that will help me with the investigative work I do. I am not with the police, but I know that they are using Securus Technology called the Investigator Pro.

The Investigator Pro is a very good piece of technology that can detect voices, and it is something that can be used in the work that I do. I know that it can help some of my clients who cannot get the information any other way, and that is why they need to be sure that they are deploying the technology to help as many people as possible. I believe in finding the people who are really behind the crime, and that is why I know that it is important that they have used their new technology to partner with the police.

I have also met clients who are talking to family in jail through Securus, and I use the account myself because it is the best way to chat with people who are in jail. It is a much faster way for me to be sure that they have information, and it is also very secure. The security that they have makes all our calls confidential, and I think that they will make it much easier for me to have the information I need. Securus is helping everyone from the police to families by offering the best kinds of service.